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nerdybat asked: Hello! If you don't mind me asking, which online school do you go to? I'm starting Connections Academy in a few days, and this is my first year doing online school.

I’m not currently in an online school, but I was in two for two years of high school. I’m not familiar with Connections Academy, but I wish you luck! The most important thing you need is to learn to manage your time if you go to an online school, so I’d make sure you are on schedule for everything and don’t have to stay up all night to get things done because you were goofing off earlier (my biggest problem).

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So your robot character has no emotions programmed


What does that mean?

  • Hatred is an emotion. No hatred allowed.
  • Same with anger. “No emotions” also means “no negative emotions.”
  • They need a goal programmed in so that they don’t just sit around doing nothing.
  • It’s possible to have “don’t kill people” programmed and also have no emotions programmed.
  • Longing is an emotion.
  • "Emotionally repressed" and "zero emotions" are very different things. The only way they could feel things would be if they got reprogrammed.

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Anonymous asked: hello. i was browsing the online school tag, and i came across your post. i haven been researching everything about online schooling for a while now, and i think that it is the best option for me. unfortunately, my parents do not agree. they think that online schooling will ruin my education completely (i have maintained an A average throughout high school so far), and that i won't learn a single thing without teacher interacting. any advice on convincing them to let me do it?

If you’re disciplined and self motivated, then online school might work well for you. If you have a lazy streak, or lack of discipline, it’s going to be a mistake. However, if your best way to learn is to read rather than listen, and you work best alone, then you’re well suited for online school.

(Sorry I didn’t get to this for a while; it’s been fairly busy.)

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Anonymous asked: Hi , I was wondering if you recommend K12 ? And what are the actually rules for it ?

Honestly, I hated K12, but that is due to circumstances; I wasn’t used to having solid time limits (you must complete certain things every day) and I wasn’t used to the load of work. For me, not meeting teachers face to face was hard. But then, when it came to BOSS, there was too much freedom; all you had to do was get all the schoolwork done by the end of the semester. K12 would probably work out best for people who need a break from people, are used to doing certain things every day, and know how to work hard without supervision. Good luck!

(As for the rules, I would advise looking it up on their website. I am not familiar with their current rules)

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Monday Tropes: Crazy is Dangerous


Going to an asylum or mental institution? If this is fiction, then there’s a 100% chance that it’s going to be filled with raging, murderous psychopaths. There is 0% chance that someone won’t try to kill you.

Why this is bad: The idea that “crazy” (see: mentally ill) people…